Thursday, 10 March 2016

"Lamhaa" app launched on android! Calling all photographers

A big hellooo to everyone - from the "Lamhaa" Team. The "Lamhaa" App has been launched on the Android Play Store. Calling all Photographers to check it out and register. 

There are many reasons which pushed us to take a simple idea forward "having a Photographer available to take Pictures - right now". We had noticed a huge increase in sale of DSLR (and mirrorless now) Cameras, inspite of the increased quality of Picture quality from SmartPhones. This meant that people were looking to capture better quality Photos. At the same time we noticed that most of them were using it in Auto mode - which makes it pointless (not to mention the huge patience and effort needed in understanding Composition, light/shadows etc.). I mean why do we need to lug a heavy camera around and still get just a minor improvement in the Photo quality. Some people who can afford costly lenses just go for it - in the hope that it will give them better pictures. Of course a reality is a bit different. 

The flexibility that the Smartphone Camera provides simply cannot be matched by the combination of DSLR, Lenses, Flash and countless other accessories that we end up getting. So the simple question - what if we could simply find a photographer who can take much better Photos whenever we need it, wherever we need it (without forcing us on the path of bankruptcy!). 

This is where the 'Lamhaa" App comes in. As mentioned earlier there are lots of good Photographers who have been patient enough to learn all aspects of Photography and are keen to take Photos and improve their skills further. The App provides them a way to identify their location real-time as well as identify if they are available/non-available to take Photograph at the moment. They can also specify the type of Photography they prefer.

So with this background I would request all you Photographers to download and sign-on to the App (it's free!) and let us know if you have any feedback/suggestions. We would keep adding new functionality as we go along. Will also keep this blog updated with the latest happenings.

Here's the link for the App - go for it!!

see ya,
Lamhaa Team


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