Wednesday, 27 April 2016

7 ways to use Lamhaa app if you are a Photographer

The Lamhaa app has 2 main groups of consumers - first is the set of photographers (hobbyist and professionals) and the other group consists of various users who utilise photography services (free/paid). Here is a list of few scenarios which photographers can use the app for:
  • Real assignments: In this fast changing world the photographers have to keep improving their skills in multiple genres. Photographers spend time in several assignments which are either conceived by the photographer or given by various websites.  I believe real assignments provided by people who need photos (for lesser payment/free) would be more challenging and help in improving the skills faster.
  • Reduced travel time: As discussed in an earlier post I believe the demand for high quality photos will grow in the coming years. The Lamhaa app will make it easier for people to find more photographers closer to 'where' they are and 'when' they need the photographs - making it efficient for everyone. Photographers would be able to spend more time on what they love most - clicking.  
  • Reduced marketing effort: Currently the photographers  are having to spend a lot of effort on marketing: blogs, social media, business networking, SEO etc. The associated opportunity cost, as well as the costs associated in these activities end up pushing the professional photography prices up. 
  • Dabble with multiple genres: Even though photographers develop their skills in 1 or 2 genres a lot of times they find it useful to spend some time in trying out other genres. It provides them an opportunity to break the monotony - at the same time it gives them a fresh perspective. The app will give them a perfect opportunity to get such varied assignments without having to spend a lot of time. The assignments would also help in increasing the client base. 
  • Continuous quality/price range: As described in an earlier post the photography services currently on offer are not very flexible. With the increased choice of photographers locally the users can easily choose the photographers based on budget and expected quality. Ease and choice of flexibility would make it very easy for the users.
  • Photography as a hobby: I strongly believe that everyone should have at least one hobby. Lot of times people take up hobbies but are not able to pursue for the lack of opportunities. Learn the basics, do a bit of practice and get onto the app to be able to take on variety of engagements to pursue photography as a hobby - only downside is that you would not be able to find any excuse to drop this hobby once you get into it - unlimited opportunities!
  • Network with other photographers: The map view in the app provides an easy way to find other photographers with similar interests. It can be used to network with them, learn and share photography tips, carry out assignments together etc.  

What are the other uses of lamhaa app you can think of as a photographer? Would love to see your ideas in the comments below.

Team Lamhaa


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