Wednesday, 13 April 2016

Lamhaa app, the origin story

Happy to announce that the 'Lamhaa' app has now been downloaded by over 350 people around the world, from more that 10 countries. The associated facebook page now has over 650 followers - all within few weeks of the Lamhaa app release.

Few people have enquired about the original idea behind the app and we have also discussed the various situations where this can be used. I will detail these out in these blog posts.

Lets get started then - i got into photography about 5 years ago, mostly learning from the various free tutorials on youtube/blogs. About 2 years ago i started taking photos of (footy and cricket) local sports action at a playground close to my home on weekends.

A simple thought came to my mind that there are several such games (local level) played all over the world; what if we had photographers available all over, to capture these sports action moments within the playgrounds near their home. The players would definitely enjoy the pictures, and at the same time the photographers will get to improve their skill as they would get lots of practice. This is where the Lamhaa app comes in. A player (or a parent for some kids sports) can simply use the app to find the photographers available nearby and request for some sports action photos, in real-time. This last bit is important, no advance planning is required. Just use the app to see who is around, available to take photos and contact them - then and there. Parents can simply enjoy the game instead of running around with a dslr.

2 conditions for this to work : availability of photographers and the cost of the photos. This is where we need to be a bit innovative and also a little bit flexible - the fact is we simply dont have so many professional photographers all over the world,  who would be willing to take photos on an adhoc basis, and even if they do, the cost could be a concern. But we have a solution - we all have seen the increase in number of hobbyist photographers who are passionate about photography and are willing to spend their extra time in practicing multiple genres of photography. They are eager to learn and have acquired skills by utilizing infinite resources on the web. The cost would not be a major factor either - as a lot of photographers may offer their services for free or at a very low cost : problem solved!

So sports was the subject that got me started and as i thought more about it, i became more and more convinced. Think of a family out for picnic at a park, or your office colleagues out for a lunch get together. We can use this in any scenario where we would like to capture moments that matter to us. Moments from every day life, which we can cherish for a long time to come. And more importantly we can be more 'present' in whatever we are doing, spending time with friends and family instead of moving around with a big camera and fiddling around with the lenses! Lets just leave that activity for the photographers who have spent time and effort in learning the light, composition and are much more passionate about the art and science of taking photos.

So there it is, how it all started. We have released the app on Android as of now, photographers are signing up from all over the world. So get on board (the App download is free) look out for the photographers around and get ur lifes beautiful moments  saved forever.

Have comments/queries/suggestions? Post it using the links below or drop us an email.

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Lamhaa team

note: iOS version coming soon. App is useful for both hobbyist and professional photographers - future blog posts will explain this further

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