Monday, 9 May 2016

7 ways to get better photos - use Lamhaa app

In the previous post we discussed different ways the photographers can use the Lamhaa app. Let's now have a look at the variety of ways how the app can be used by everyone of us who want to preserve beautiful memories. 

1. Family photos: A few days ago i was in a workshop where we were asked to carry out an exercise - of talking to strangers and asking them about the top 3 things that made them happy. It was no surprise to find out that family came out at the top for most of the people. Photograph is an excellent medium to capture the moments we spend with our family members. Some people get the family pictures taken in a studio; the photographers have complete control of lighting leading to good exposures technically. But in recent times everyone is going for more outdoor, natural looking shots. I guess this way the photos look more 'real'; more about the way families interact with each other rather than a scheduled photoshoot in a studio where they would not visit otherwise. Lamhaa app takes this a bit further by allowing everyone to capture photos on a more real-time basis - while continuing to have a good time as a family instead of a 'scheduled' photo shoot. This way the photos they get would be more 'real' - and much better quality which you can put up on your wall. 

2. Corporate events: Either you are having a team building event, or just a lunch out with colleagues the app provides a quick way to find good photographers around to click great pictures.

3. Enjoying with friends: While having a good time with friends these days we usually take a quick selfie and share on the social media. I think this is an excellent way and smartphones provide great flexibility but this is still limiting in variety of ways. First thing is the composition element (someone has to hold the device), secondly the quality itself. The lamhaa app would be perfect to get a good photographer to click those precious moments while we continue to enjoy our time with friends. 

4. Travel/Vacation: Travelling to a different location is the perfect way to unwind, meet new people and see different cultures. While travelling we definitely want to take photos but it is important that we do not spend unnecessary time in handling the camera - time is the most precious bit in any travel after all. Another important point is to travel light (think baggage constraints on air travel!). This is the perfect scenario to use the app to find photographers who would have much better understanding of the local area and can take beautiful photographs to make your travel time more memorable.

5. Selfie alternate: There has been tremendous uptake of Selfies - specially with the improvement in quality of smartphones recently. They provide an easy way to take photos and share on various social media sites. But if we look at the physical limitation while taking a selfie the quality would never compare with someone else taking the photo. Face being so close to the camera lens will always show slightly distorted view, the background objects would look much smaller. Having said that, the Selfies are going to stay for years to come - but when you want a much better looking photograph just use the app to find a photographer who can take a nice photo of you along with the beautiful environment you are in. 

6. Citizen Journalism: More and more photos taken by general public is being used by the new agencies lately. The primary reason is the reach - any event occurring in the remotest place of the world can be captured by anyone using a phone or any camera. I have seen several such photos/videos but one thing i notice is the quality - can be much better. These days there are great photographers everywhere - the app would make it much easier for the new agencies to contact them and get a much better quality photos/videos. 

7. Sports: Sports is one of the most popular hobby for majority of people. The competitive spirit leads to variety of emotions among the players - it's a perfect opportunity to capture photos. Want some good moments of a game you are play? Just use the app to find photographers around and get on with the game!

These are just a few scenarios when we can use the app to find photographers to take better quality photos.

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Can you think of any other scenarios? Just write in as comments below - and more importantly use the app and start getting the beautiful moments captured -forever!

Lamhaa Team

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